About Randit

Randit was originally the idea of our first mobile application. An application that randomised things to do such as where to eat, what to watch and what to cook, randomise it = Randit. Since launching the initial app we have released a few more with two currently available on the App Store.

Randit as an application was taken off the App Store in 2018 but we have kept on the name to cover all our app releases. Our current focus has been on health and fitness applications, HeartBeat that works with the Apple Watch and Snowfit that helps with fitness for snow sports. See below for more information.


HeartBeat - Heart Health

Health and fitness app for use with Apple Watch focused on heart rate and heart health.

Using the Apple Watch, HeartBeat gives information to the user during workouts as to what heartrate zone they're currently training in along with a live calorie burn. The mobile app breaks down workouts and shows progress to your weekly goals. General heart rate information such as heart rate variablity, resting heart rate and walking average are also available.


SnowFit - Ski and Snowboard

Ski and snowboarding workouts to help improve fitness before heading to the slopes.

A simple application that gives workouts for specific disciplines in snow sports that can be completed at home or the gym. They're designed to give the user a base level of fitness and use of certain muscle groups before heading to the slopes.


Coming Soon